Some of the content on is seriously outdated especially most of the Firefox content. The site's coding is a tremendous mess, it does not validate or comply with web standards all as a result of using Yahoo's Site Builder software instead of it being written by hand (I didn't know any better). Check out the source code for yourself and see if you can make any sense of it.
    This site is being fully rewritten line by line, page by page, all by hand and you can get an idea of where we're going with it and get a preview by visiting
    With all of that being said, this site functions properly and all downloadable content is just fine and intact.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Free Wallpapers
    Get some new free backgrounds for your
    desktop. All have been digitally created or
    edited and they come in different categories.
    Free Graphics
    Part of Spheres, Mouse Runner's graphics
    section, choose from over 1,000 free graphics
    for use on your website or graphics project. Go
    Free Icons
    Download hundreds of different free icons
    available for Mac and Windows in different
    sizes. PNG's for the icons are also included. Go
    Free Graphics Tools
    From color pickers to screen capture software,
    you'll find that these free graphics tools are
    easy to use and useful. Go
    Four Spheres
    Four Spheres is a cool graphics collection that
    contains 7 wallpapers and 4 animated
    screensavers all for free. Go
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    Spheres Art Gallery
    Visit the art gallery on and
    view some of the greatest works from some of
    the best artists in the world. Go
    Free Screen Savers
    Free animated screen savers featuring Firefox,
    Thunderbird, Mozilla, and Sea Monkey.
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    Created for persons with poor eyesight and
    various disabilities, Access Firefox provides
    some very unique accessibility add-ons and
    Mouse Runner's Firefox Guide
    Millions are using Firefox, it's fast, secure,
    customizable and it's free. Take a minute to
    check out the Firefox Guide created for
    beginner's, fans and users of Firefox. Go logo
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