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Microsoft Windows XP Resources
    MS. XP Expert Zone Community (From Microsoft)
    Information, Resources, downloads and Support on all versions of
    XP for everyone, from home users to developers
    Hundreds ( if not thousands ) of Resources and Support for
    Windows, Windows XP and other computer related issues
    “Windows XP desktop customization community” Beautiful site with
    great Resources
    Whatever you want to know about Windows (all versions), you’ll
    find here. Fantastic Support and Resource site for Windows
    troubleshooting. Original articles and direct links to Microsoft’s
    Knowledge Base plus other site features
    It is as the name implies. Great Resource site
    The Elder Geek on Windows XP
    Very thorough site. Forums, troubleshooting, installing, updating,
    Support and a list that needs it’s own page
    Clean easy to navigate and use site on Tweaks, tips, articles,
    Support Forum’s, Windows XP links and more
    XP tips, drivers, troubleshooting and Install guides just to name a
    few of the many items that this site offers. For Home or Pro Editions
    All XP E-Zine plus links, How-to’s and other Windows XP related
    This site is stacked with XP Info! Chat Help, Links, Support Forums,
    Downloads, Themes and much, much more
    Windows XP Forums
    Change the way your XP looks with, Login Screens, Boot Screens,
    Wallpaper, Themes, Icons and more
    Support Forums, Registry Files, Security Tweaks,
    Performance Tweaks, Visual Tweaks and Tweaking Programs. Great
    XP Resource site.
    Free Windows XP Courses & Tutorials
    Windows XP for Beginners
More XP Resources straight from the source
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