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Search Engine & Directory Submission Listings Section 1
    While there are thousands of sites that accept submissions for
    free, Paid Inclusion’s are usually guaranteed. If you use a Site
    Submission Service,
    make sure it is from a well known and established company.
    Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and MSN Submit It are good examples of who
    to use. Keep in mind that if you get listed in a top Search Engine
    or Directories, the Meta Search Engines will list you as they search
    by using other Search Engines.
    Note: The dmoz Open Directory Project is probably the most
    important place to be listed as the major search engines use the
    dmoz data.
    dmoz Open Directory Project
    Free submission. Inclusion should also get you listed on Yahoo,
    Google and hundreds of others as those sites use the dmoz data
    in their search results.

    Yahoo! Search
    Free submission Yahoo! ID required. Includes submission to Alta
    Vista, All The Web and Inktomi

    Yahoo! Search Submit
    Fee based services for faster review and inclusion to Yahoo!
    Search, Yahoo! Directory, All The Web and Alta Vista, Inktomi and
    other portals and search engines.

    Yahoo Sponsored Search
    Get’s you listed on MSN, Yahoo!, AltaVista, InfoSpace, AlltheWeb
    and NetZero.

    Ask Jeeves Site Submit
    Paid inclusion covers,,, Metacrawler, Excite,
    iLor,,, Ixquick,, Hotbot.
    com, and

    Free site submissions

    Google AdWords
    Paid inclusion, guaranteed inclusion     

    MSN Search
    Free submission

    MSN Submit It
    Site Submission Service

    Netscape Directory
    Free submission

    You can submit to AOL, but the Open Directory handles all free
    web site submissions

    Paid inclusion

    Paid inclusions, guranteed /

    Free related links submission
    Free submissions

    Exact Seek
    Includes the ExactSeek Search Network of 7 web search engines
    Free and fee submissions
S.E. Submissions Section 2
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