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    Search Engine Watch
    Many consider Search Engine Watch the authority on SE News and
    I myself have spent many hours on their site.
    Features: Search Engine Submission Tips, Web Searching Tips,
    Search Engine Listings, SE Ratings & Stats, Search Engine
    Resources, SE News and Newsletters, RSS & XML Feeds, Reviews,
    Ratings & Tests on Search Engines, Toolbars SE Features and more

    Search Engine Guide
    Featuring: Search Engine News, Newsletters, Search Engine
    Articles, RSS/XML Feeds, Search Engine Marketing Guides, SEO
    Guides, Categorized searchable directory of Search Engines,
    Search Engine Books, Software & more

    Page Traffic
    Search Engine News, Featured Articles, Major Search Engines
    Listings, Search Engine Glossary, Search Engine Forums, Tools &

    Excellent and thorough resource for all things search related
    including News, Tutorials on searching and SEO, Search Tools, SE
    Marketing and more
    Internet Search Engine Database. Includes  Search Engine News,
    Articles, Search Engine and Directories, Directory and other SE
    related topics and resources

    Search Engine Showdown
    Search Engine News, Reviews, Features Charts, Statistics and more

    The latest Search Engine News and large SE News article archive

    Search Engine Journal
    Search Engine News

    Yahoo News
    Internet Portals & Search Engines News

    Search Visibility Report
    Search Engine News Blog

    Web Pro News
    Search Engine and eBusiness News
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