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Free Icons - PrimaryCons Free Icons
PrimaryCons icons is the largest free icon set made available by
Spheres Graphics. There's 113 different icons and they come in 3
different colors, red, blue and green
Formats and sizes included in the .zip package are:
Windows Icons- 48x48, 128x128
Mac- 128x128
PNG's at 128x128 are also included.
Terms of usage are in the .zip pack.
If you see gray behind the images, Please view, See the Difference

The 3 icons below are the actual size of the 128x128's.
Apple icon
Spider Icon
Tools Icon
Click on the images below to see the full set.
The images in the preview are not full size, and they do not
represent the clarity of the icons.
Free icons Preview
Free icons Preview
Free icons Preview
Icon Preview
Icon Preview
Icon Preview
Download all 3 sets.
File size 28.6MB's
Created by: Ken Saunders
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