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    This is a list of the free icons that are available from
    Spheres Graphics.
    Most icons are available for Mac and Windows and
    they come in various sizes, plus the PNG's that make
    up the icons are also included. And yes, they're all
    The only thing that I ask for payment is that you
    consider downloading the free Firefox Web Browser.
    I'm just a huge fan of it, and when you try it, you'll
    become one too.
    If you see gray behind the images, then please view,
    See the Difference.
Spider Icon
PrimaryCons icons contains 113
different free icons in blue, green
and red, my largest set yet.
Stand by icon
ColorCons is a collection of 49
different free icons that come in four
different colors and various sizes.
apple icon
Mac a Day icons are for mac only.
They come in 13 different colors and
at size 128x128.
free music icon
ClearCons icons come in sizes
48x48 and 128x128 for Windows,
and 128x128 for Mac.
windows logo icon
The Windows Logo Pack contains
four different Windows logo icons at
sizes 48x48 and 128x128.
You also get 128x128 PNG's and a
large version of the Windows logo.
radioactive icon
RadioCons icons for Mac or
Windows in sizes 48x48 and 128x128
in 11 different colors.
home icon
Web Icons 1, a collection of 42
different web related icons for Mac or
Windows at 48x48 and 128x128
. Go
media icon
MediaCons, 15 different media icons
for Mac and Windows.
Sizes include 48x48 and 128x128.
bio hazzard icon
BioCons, 13 different bio hazard   
icons for Mac and Windows.
Sizes include 48x48 and 128x128.
Firefox icon
FireCons1, 4 different Firefox styled
icons for Windows and Mac at 48x48
and 128x128.
SpreadFirefox.com icon
Firecons2, This second set of Firefox
icons includes 2 Spread Firefox icons
and 2 Firefox icons at 48x48 and
Thunderbird icon
Firecons3 is yet another set of icons
that include, Firefox, Minefield,
Mozilla and Thunderbird.
MaxPower.ca image link
Graphics created by Ken Saunders

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