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Spheres Free Graphics Tools and Software
    Here's a collection of useful and free graphics tools and
    software that are all easy to learn and use, and there are
    Quick Guides with screen shots for the program listed.
Free Sceen Capture Software
ScreenHunter image
Checkout ScreenHunter, a free and easy
to use screen capture program.
RGB Lab logo
Free color selecting and color
management program that allows you to
easily create color sets and manage and
save them.
Free Color Selecting Tool
ColorPix logo
View Mouse Runner's Quick Guide to
ColorPix, the free color selecting tool for
pros and hobbyists.
Free Image Resizing & Conversion Program
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer is great free tool for all of your
image resizing and conversion needs.
ColorZilla for Firefox
Primary Colors icon
ColorZilla is a free color selection tool
that is loaded with features. View our
quick guide to ColorZilla including full
216 Websafe Color Chart
A full sized websafe color chart with RGB and
Hex values included.
You can also add the chart to your website.
Blue Color Chart Icon
Color Changer with Netscape Colors
Checkout this really cool color changer
that allows you to select a color and see
the background color change.
The color name and the hexadecimal value
is provided for use in your graphics
Color Wheel Icon
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