StartAid Social Bookmarking

    StartAid is the best interactive social bookmarking site to ever hit
    the Internet. It’s not like other bookmarking services, it’s better.
    For starters, StartAid provides thumbnail views and mini control
    panels for each and every one of your bookmarks.
Some of the images on this page and the StartAid logo are:

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StartAid Social Bookmarking Review by: Ken Saunders
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StartAid Social Bookmarking
Import Your Bookmarks

    With StartAid, you can import all of your bookmarks at once from
    your computer, your browser, and from such services as, Furl, and Blinklist and all bookmarks can be marked as
    public or private before you import them.
StartAid Bookmarks Thumbnail
StartAid Options Panel
StartAid Tree Panel
Demo Account

    You can also check out StartAid before signing up with a demo
    account that allows you to tryout StartAid before you become a
StartAid Demo Acount Screen Shot
More Features

    Here are just some of the many features that you get with your
    free membership to

  • View Thumbnails of your bookmarks from anywhere online
  • Access your bookmarks from anywhere Online
  • Design your own Personal Homepage
  • Discover new bookmarks
  • You can use Tags and/or Categories
  • Set tags, categories or bookmarks as private
  • Comment and discuss bookmarks with members
  • Share Groups for controlled bookmark sharing
  • Send bookmarks to friends and members
  • Bookmark a link with a single click
  • Bookmarklets for easy bookmarking
  • Excellent member support services
  • Animated tutorials
    and much more!
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Visit StartAid today and see why it’s becoming the best
interactive social bookmarking web site online.

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