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RGB Lab, Free Color Selecting Software
    The RGB Lab is a free and very easy to use and learn
    color selecting and color managing program that will
    allow you to pick and save color combinations in many
    different formats.
    The best feature of RGB Lab is that it can save your color
    combinations to a simple text file that can then be
    opened in RGB Lab, or viewed and edited via the notepad
    to quickly retrieve your colors. This is very helpful if you
    have many graphics projects or websites and you want to
    keep track of the colors that you use, or you want a way
    to build a color library.
Click on image for full clear view.
RGB Lab Screenshot
Color Selecting Options
    The color creation capabilities and selections are
    Built in drag n drop color picker
    Websafe Color Palette  
    Failsafe Color Palette  
    Java Script Color Palette
    RGB Scroll Sliders
    Enter RGB values manually
    Enter Hexadecimal values manually and more.
RGB Lab Screenshot
RGB Lab Screenshot
Color Formats
Lower Case Html text
VB Hex
C++ Hex
Delphi Hex
.Net Html
.Net OLE
.Net Win 32
More About RGB Lab
Download Size 1.53MB
Install Size 1.09MB
Uses very few system resources
Easy to uninstall
Help File included
RGB Lab System Requirements
Windows 98 Second Edition,
Windows Me,
Windows 2000,
and Windows XP
Windows XP or Windows 2000
About the Download
MouseRunner.com reviews and tries-out all of the software that
we offer and recommend on our own personal computers. We
have no affiliation or receive payments for our recommendations,
we do it as a service to continue to offer some of the best free
resources that the Internet has to offer.
This download and program contains no Spyware, Adware or
other, and it's completely free.
Download RGB Lab
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Using RGB Lab
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