PIXresizer image
    PIXresizer from Bluefive software is a free image resizing tool
    that allows you to quickly and easily generate screen friendly
    versions of your images and graphics for use on the Web, in e-
    mail or in other applications.
    Images and graphics can be resized and saved in different
    formats, and it can dramatically decrease an image file size
    which is helpful when uploading images to a website and
    sending in an e-mail and it helps to save disk space.
    PIXresizer can resize a single image at a time or an entire folder
    of images.
    You can specify the location for which you want to save the
    images, and the original images are left intact.
    The images in the banner above where all resized by using
PIXresizer image
Click on image and
enlarge for a full
clear view.
Other PIXresizer Features
    Resize and convert to and from:
    .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif
    PIXresizer also has an “Apply Recommended” feature that can
    recommend the best image format for the selected image(s).
    Numbered step by step instructions take you through the image
    resizing and conversion process making it very easy and intuitive
    to use.
Working with a single image
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer image
PIXresizer image
Working with multiple images
More About PIXresizer
    PIXresizer is completely free with no Adware, Spyware or other.
    Starts up quick and uses very few system resources.
    The download file is only 2.18MB (1.28MB installed)
    Tested on Win98-XPSP2
    Help File included
    Created by Bluefive Software
    Screenshots taken on WinXPSP2 in Classic Windows mode,
    appearances will vary depending on your Theme selection.
Mouse Runner Notice
    Mouse Runner reviews and tests all of the software that we
    provide and recommend on our own personal computers so that
    you can be assured that you are using a safe useful product. We
    receive no payments for endorsements, we are simply here to
    provide some of the best free things that the Internet has to
Download PIXresizer
Blufive Software
Visit Bluefive for more great freeware programs.
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