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The Brilliant Works Of Anne Geddes
    Here you will find a collection of some of the works by Anne
    Geddes for you to enjoy.
    Please note that all images created by Anne Geddes are
    under copyright protection.
Sit back and enjoy, this will surely brighten your day.
A Short Introduction To Anne Geddes
    Born in Australia, Anne Geddes is very well known for her
    photography of babies and motherhood for which she has
    many awards and honors. She is also a clothing designer and
    very successful businesswoman. One cannot help but feel
    the peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable experience of Anne
    Geddes works of pure genius and talent. Her work is one
    that will remain timeless and always fashionable. Anne
    Geddes actually provides a service to all who view her work
    by providing a pure, simple form of entertainment and
    escape, and she emphasizes that creation of life and those
    who create it, are the most beautiful and important to us all
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