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100 Free Anne Geddes Photos
    Now you can download 100 free Anne Geddes photos all at
    once for personal use on your computer, or to place on your
    In either case, please keep in mind that all images created by
    Anne Geddes are protected by Trademark laws.
    Please visit for more information on
    image usage.
Anne Geddes image
    This is a .zip file that once downloaded, it will need to be
    opened with a zip utility program. You should be able to
    simply double click on the file to open it once you download it.
    Save it to your Desktop,
    Double click on the icon
    Specify where you want the files extracted to.
    Zip files are very common and easy to figure out,
    if you have problems with the zip, ask a friend.
Download the 100 free Anne Geddes photos
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Download the Works of Anne Geddes free Screensaver.
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