Firefox Shortcuts & Tips
Becoming a Power User
    Here's some Firefox shortcuts and tips that will get you on your
    way to becoming a Firefox Power User. Most Firefox shortcuts
    and tips provided are available in printable PDF and Word
    formats for quick viewing and studying offline.
    Make sure that you Bookmark this page as it is a work in
    progress and more Firefox shortcuts and tips will be added.
Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts
    Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts available online or you
    can download them in printable PDF and Word format. A large
    print version is also available in the same formats as the regular
    print ones. Go
Firefox Shortcuts and Tips Pg1
    A printable list of Firefox shortcuts and tips that you may not be
    aware of, such as quickly save an image to the desktop by
    simply dragging the image to the desktop and more. Go
Speed up PDF viewing
    By making a few simple adjustments to Firefox, you can view
    PDF documents much quicker offline rather than viewing them by
    the traditional method of viewing online. Go
Firefox in Full Screen
    With a simple extension, you can view Firefox in true Full screen
    and without toolbars making Firefox look better than ever.
    Learning the Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts is very
    helpful with this tip. Go
Firefox Image Viewing
    Opening your images in IE is slow and unproductive.
    By using this tip, you can view your images in Tabs instead of
    multiple windows, and use Firefox extensions to work with
    them. Go
Access your PC files through Firefox
    Here's a quick way to get to your PC files through Firefox.
    With this tip, you'll have access to your image files, Word and
    text docs, PDF's and more right from Firefox. Go
The Profile Folder
With these Firefox profile tips, you can learn how to create different
Firefox profile's that can contain different Firefox extensions, themes,
passwords etc aside from your default Profile.
You'll also get trouble shooting help for when you see the Profile in
use prompt..
Multiple Firefox Instances
    With this tip, you can run more than one instance of Firefox with
    different Firefox Profiles and different versions. Go
More to come
    They'll be more Firefox shortcuts and tips added soon so make
    sure that you Ctrl+D this page.
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