Promoting Thunderbird and Firefox Simultaneously
    The first of these graphics is 2 images that you simply place
    side by side to form 1 seamless image. Then add your
    Thunderbird Affiliate URL to the Thunderbird graphic, and your
    Firefox Affiliate URL to the Firefox graphic. You will receive
    points for whichever image a visitor clicks on.
Image 1                                        Image 2
Thunderbird image
Firefox image
Thunderbird image
Next Method
    This method requires 3 images.
    The Firefox & Thunderbird graphic, & the 2 buttons
Thunderbird Firefox banner
Thunderbird button Firefox button
Mouse Over Effect
    You can start with the Firefox & Thunderbird image above and
    use the following image for a mouse over effect, or start with
    the image below and use the above image for the mouse over
    Hover over either to see the result.
Firefox Thunderbird image
Thunderbird button Firefox button
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