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Firefox Flicks Promotional Resources
    Spreading Firefox isn't just about putting a button on your
    site, it's also promoting the Fx promotional projects as well,
    and this one has great potential to bring in some great
    Firefox ads that'll be used worldwide.
    Below you'll find some Firefox Flicks promotional items for
    use on or offline.
    Don't forget to add your Firefox Flicks Affiliate ID to the
    website promos to earn points.
Firefox Flicks Logo
Firefox Flicks Ad Contest Flyers created by: Asa
    Print out these high quality flyers to hand out and post in
    your school, performing arts center, film festival location or
    You can print them directly from your browser, download
    them individually or download them in sets of 5 in a .zip
    The difference between the Hi-Res & Medium-Res is image
    quality. If you have good bandwidth and a good printer it's
    recommended that you go for the Hi-Res (they come out
    Also, it is quicker to download the flyer to your computer and
    open it than it is to open it in your browser and print.
    Just right click on the size that you want and select:
    "Save Link As..."
PDF icon
Firefox Flicks Ad Contest Flyers Zip Format
All 5 Hi-Res Flyers-27.2 MB compressed to 16.2MB

All 5 Medium-Res Flyers-2.39MB compressed to 1.76MB
Zip icon
Firefox Flicks Ad Contest Screensaver
    This Fx Flicks screensaver contains the 5 flyers listed above
    plus one ad to break them up a little.
    The purpose? To use the screensaver to promote the Ad
    Contest in Cyber Cafés, on your laptop, your PC etc, so that
    Firefox Flicks will get more exposure and more people
    involved. Plus it's better than that dolphin one that you're
    using now.
    .exe screensaver install
    .scr version          
Firefox Flicks Website Promos by: GraphicsGuru
Other sizes and styles are available by contacting Jamey on SFx.
Firefox Flicks Backstage Pass
    Go behind the scenes of the latest and hottest Firefox
    promotional campaign, Firefox Flicks. Meet the crew, stay
    updated on events and happenings with the campaign and
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