Firefox Features
    Firefox comes with many pre-installed features.
    Here you'll find an introduction to those features
    in different formats so that you may get a better
    idea of what Firefox is all about.
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Firefox Slideshow
    Checkout this Firefox slideshow whith cool effects that will show
    you some of the features that Firefox has to offer. Go
Firefox Walk Through PDF
    This is a downloadable PDF that you can view offline to get
    acquainted with some of Firefox's offerings through images.
    For best quality viewing, select 100% when you open the PDF. Go
Firefox Walk Through
    View online full size screenshots and text descriptions of Firefox's
    built in features that make it a better way to surf the Internet. Go
Pre-Installed Firefox Features PDF
    Heres a PDF features list of some of the tools and features that
    come pre-installed with Firefox. View at 100%. Go
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Online Features List
    View the online version of the Firefox features list
    which includes full descriptions. Go
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