Firefox Beginner's Guide
    Firefox is a free, fast, and safe way to surf the Internet.

    Millions have switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox
    and this guide will show you why by introducing you to
    some of Firefox's many features that users have come
    to love. I've been using Firefox for over two years now
    and because of that, the Internet is fun and safe again.
Get Firefox
    Free, extremely fast and secure, highly customizable, loaded with
    tools and features, get Firefox now and rediscover the Web. Go
See The Difference
    Through these screenshots you will see some of the actual
    differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Go
What is a Web Browser?
    Here is a very simple to understand explanation and diagram of
    what a Web browser is. Go
What is Firefox?
    A description about the popular Web browser that has been
    downloaded millions of times. Go
How to Switch to Firefox from Internet Explorer
    This text and pictorial guide is a very simple step by step
    explanation of how to switch to Firefox. Note:.Internet Explorer is
    not removed from your computer. You may still use it. Go
System Requirements
    Firefox is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. And it is available
    in different languages. See the full System Requirements here. Go
Terminology Differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer
    A guide that shows the differences in terminology between Firefox
    and Internet Explorer. Such as, Favorites in Internet Explorer are
    called Bookmarks in Firefox. Go
Firefox Links
    A list of links to Firefox and Mozilla (creators of Firefox) sites.
    Including links to, Help & Support, Tweaking Firefox, how to get
    involved and more. Go
    Join the community of over 195 thousand Firefox fans who's focus
    is to promote the use of Firefox through Spread Firefox community
    projects, ideas and discussions. Go
Ready Yet?
    Now it's time to join others who are rediscovering the Internet
    thanks to Firefox. Firefox and all that it has to offer are totally
    free. Download it today.
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Firefox Features
    The best way to get an overview of Firefox features is to view
    them. You can do this by viewing a slideshow, online descriptions
    and PDF's all with full sized screenshots. Go
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