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Computer Repair, Upgrade & Support
    Click here for support from major manufacturers (Intel, Gateway
    Troubleshooting and Repair Guide
    Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts
    PC Repair in plain English
    Repair Forum, 24/7 tech help, Chat, downloads. Good site
    PC Q&
    PC Help & Repair Forum community with over 48,000 PC related
    This is the perfect Upgrade site that I was looking for, for this
    slot. Nearly every computer is listed
    Guides to Upgrade various components
    Windows XP Installation and Upgrade Overview. Part 1 of a well-
    written and detailed guide.
    Article, “Upgrade or buy a new pc?” plus other installation tips,aid,108927,src,ov,00.asp
    Many articles on how to Upgrade various components like
    Processors, Motherboards etc.,cat,1689,sortIdx,1,pg,
    Excellent resource! Many detailed tutorials on how to Upgrade
    computer components
    How to upgrade your Video Card
    “How to build your own computer from computer parts” Excellent
    site with pics and upgrade guides, form installing the processor to
    the Operating System
    Support Forums, Informative Articles, Tips, Tricks and Downloads.
    Extensive list of support forums on nearly all computer related
    issues, plus a novices section, how 2’s and other resources
    FREE Computer help for beginners and experts plus, Help Forums,
    Free Hardware Scan, Tutorials and more
    Huge resource of Help Forums on Hardware, Programming,
    Software, IT, Unix and the list goes on and on!
    “How To Fix A Crashing Computer”. One of hundreds of great
    Instructional and “How-to” articles. Site covers other Subjects as
    well with 14 main categories and over 90 sub-categories
    Boot Disks and great resource links for Drivers, Updates, How-To
    guides and a whole lot more
    Whatever you want to know about Windows (all versions), you’ll
    find here. Fantastic Support site for Windows troubleshooting.
    Original articles and direct links to Microsoft’s Knowledge Base
    plus other site features
    Tips and resources for all skill levels. Windows, DOS, Microsoft
    Word, Internet Explorer, electronic mail, the Internet, digital
    cameras, HTML, Netscape, and more.
    More than 20 categories full of Diagnostic Tools, Utilities,
    Benchmarking applications, reviews and more
    Loaded with tools, tutorials and more
    “The Latest Tech News, Reviews, Free software and PC fix tips”
    Good list of general Tips and Tricks on many topics
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