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PC Utilities & Benchmarking-Free Downloads
    FREE Download, extended memory test, fixed disk and more
    FREE Professional Benchmarking, Diagnostics and Systems
    Information Program for Win32 Platform
    HD Clone 2.0
    FREE Software to copy Hard Drive contents and move to another
    FREE Download, deletes Files Permantly
    FREE Utility to analyze and Benchmark your Computer
    PC Wizard2005
    FREE Download, 28 types of hardware info, 17 types of system
    info, over 9 Benchmarks, over 8 tools and other features
    FREE overclocking software (supported hardware listed)
    HeavyLoad V2.0
    FREE Download, Stress test for your PC to test conditions and
    reliability under a heavy load
    Disk Investigator
    Ever delete something and want it back? Now you can get it back
    with this Freeware
    Free PC Technicians Toolkit,
    FreeRamXP Pro
    Free RAM Optimization Utility
    Microsoft Tweak UI 1.33
    “Power Toys” For all Windows.  You gotta have this
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