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Hardware resources
    ID Motherboards / BIOS Updates
    Also see- PC Utilities & Benchmarking Freeware and Drivers
    Excellent site! All hardware. Reviews, tutorials, news and articles
    on everything hardware like, Audio, video, CPU, Bus, Memory,
    Power, Motherboards etc. And Downloads for, Benchmarking,
    Overclocking, Optimization, Hardware ID and much more
    Hardware Identification through, pictures, manufacturer, type,
    serial# and guided
    Identify Unknown Hardware
    Hardware Issues Forum
    Hardware Discussions Forum
    Everything you want to know about hardware and other resources
    (navigation on the left)
    Motherboard related info including, identification, manufacturers,
    downloads, manuals, mainboards and BIOS
    This site is as the name implies. Very easy to read and follow
    guides and how-tos on all major hardware components and some
    advanced sections as well.
    Good basic guide to understanding Hardware
    Note: To upgrade or “Flash” your BIOS, you need to find your
    motherboard manufacturer. The links below can help you do
    By far the most thorough site I have seen yet of Motherboard
    sites. The link that I provide is to the database
    (which has an awesome search interface) where you can find all
    the info you need on Motherboards, BIOS, Manufacturers,
    Manuals, Drivers and more. The site also provides forums, articles
    and downloads just to name a few. I was so impressed with this
    site that this is the longest review I’ve written on a site so far.
    Tips, Tutorials, Reviews, Drivers and more
    Article on how to determine your motherboard manufacturer for
    BIOS Upgrades
    BIOS explained in simple terms plus the site has many other
    great topics and features
    BIOS Settings article
    FCC.Gov-FCC ID Search Page
    Advanced Configuration & Power Interface site with resources and
    BIOS Support, Error Codes, Set-up info and more
    BeepCodes, Flash utility, Motherboard ID and more
    All BIOS info
    Basic Upgrade Info
    Configuration Procedures
    Chipset Specifications Chart
    BIOS explained in plain English
    Microsoft’s list of BIOS Manufacturers;EN-US;Q243909
    Probably the coolest looking site I’ve seen. They provide, forums,
    reviews, downloads guides (to overclocking of course) and more
    Memory, Motherboard & CPU Overclocking guide
    Hardware related news, articles, reviews, forums and a cool
    gaming site
    Illustrated cable connectors chart
    SCSI Cable Types
    Glossary of Common Computer Port Connectors
    Glossary of Common SCSI Connectors
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