While browsing through the artwork on, I
    discovered the works of marija who is known as Stardust In My
    Eyes on the site. I was very impressed by her use of colors,
    textures and energy that her talent and imagination brings.
    So I contacted her about hosting some of her art on Mouse Runner
    and she has allowed me to share with some of her pieces from her
    gallery. I hope that you enjoy them as I do, and please visit her
    gallery to view even more of the artwork of marija.
marija's Artistic Wallpapers
    You may use these free artistic wallpapers by marija
    for personal, non-commercial use, and they may not be
    redistributed without consent.
    Contact info can be found on marija's profile page on devicantART.
The artwork featured on this page is ©2006 StarDustInMyEyes
Please click on an image for a full and clear detailed view.
Artistic Wallpaper
Charismatic Pill
Artistic Wallpaper
Psytropic Green
Artistic Wallpaper
Urge on Leash
Artistic Wallpaper
Free Artistic Wallpaper
Perfect Day
Free Artistic Wallpaper
Forbidden Area v2
Free Artistic Wallpaper
Face It
Free Artistic Wallpaper
Golden Trap
More Artork from marija
    Visit marija's gallery on deviantART to view more than fifty pieces
    of original artwork.
Original content ©2007
All other content and graphics are protected Trademarks of their owners.

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