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Liliana Sanches
    Liliana Sanches is an amazingly talented artist.
    I noticed her artwork on and I became an instant
    Her pieces of art take you to a place where you can feel the
    emotions and state of mind of those in the illustrations.
    As you view her different images, you'll notice that you are in a
    place of sorrow, relief, release, longing and darkness.
    Perhaps the place that she has created is a place of her own
    personal experiences and feelings.
Liliana Sanches
The Art of Liliana Sanches
    Here you will find a very small sample of Liliana's artwork.
    Please visit her gallery for her full collection.
    There are prints available for select images in different sizes and
    different finishes that can be found in her deviantART store.
    The images below are only thumbnails, Please click on an image
    for a full sharp and detailed view.
    These images are for personal use only and they may not be
    distributed with out the consent of Liliana Sanches.
    Enjoy the art.
Liliana Sanches artwork
Forever Yours
Liliana Sanches artwork
Liliana Sanches artwork
Gods and Ravens
Liliana Sanches artwork
Sleeping Sun
Liliana Sanches artwork
Liliana Sanches artwork
Love Said No
All of the artwork hosted on this page is © Liliana Sanches
Liliana Sanches Links
Gallery on deviantART
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